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Hai Guys, Antingua Powerpoint Templates. Do you like free things? Then you will love this modern and amazing Powerpoint template that is, a presentation template that will make you stand out, and make your information look like a million bucks. Antigua is Spanish for antique, which is something very expensive and worth so much, so why not make your information stand ours with a presentation that has such a refined look.

This presentation template is composed of 8 well designed and professional slide layouts. Antigua is fully editable, letting you change anything needed to present your information how you feel is the best way to present your information. Your audience will be impressed with this creative and well-executed presentation template.

Since this template only has 8 slides, you can add all the information needed on your slides to inform your audience of all they need to know. You have an eye-catching title slide, that will enhance your audience’s attention. This presentation goes straight to business, with the next slides being about the company’s roadmap, their mission, and what they plan to do to achieve their goals. Like any presentation, you also need to add data, so your audience has a clear understanding add infographics to show them something other than words on the presentation. You have editable charts you can customize and maps so that your audience can get a clear and visually appealing way to understand the data.

Antigua is completely free, and you have full access to it, so that you change, add, and rearrange anything in order to create an impressive presentation.

Antigua Free Powerpoint Template Features

  • 8 unique slides
  • Fully editable and easy to edit in Microsoft Powerpoint
  • 16:9 widescreen layout
  • It includes high-quality vector graphics
  • Clean designs ideal for business presentations
  • It contains slides for images, tables, flowcharts, and graphs.
  • Download as PPT file to edit on your computer.
  • Export to JPG, PDF or send by email.

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